Pasted Graphic 1 Work4Me II

Work4Me II is a series of exercises designed to test the journalizing and analyzing skills of first-year accounting students. In all of the Work4Me II problems, the computer is used as a tool, just like we use a calculator, to do the routine clerical functions. This allows you to focus on thinking an analyzing the data. The questions at the end of each problem give you the opportunity to use printed documents for analysis and decision making.

The exercises (or problems) requires basic entries illustrating the concept of double-entry bookkeeping with such topics as aging accounts receivable, notes receivable and note payable, perpetual inventory, plant acquistion and disposal, long-term notes and bonds, common, preferred, and treasury stock, partnerships, statement of cash flows, financial statement analysis, and long-term investments. The computerized exercises provide a hands-on review of daily entries, maintaining subsidiary ledgers for customers, vendors, and inventory. With each significant exercise completed in minutes with the computer, you then have the opportunity to analyze your work and verify the accuracy of your work. You may then grade your questions and electronically submit the results and important documents to your Instructor/Professor.