Pasted Graphic 2 Managerial Work4Me

This 1st edition of Managerial Work4Me was developed for the first year managerial accounting. Managerial Work4Me is a series of exercises designed to test the analyzing skills of first-year accounting students. In all of the Managerial Work4Me problems, the computer is used as a tool to do the routine clerical functions. This allows the student to focus on thinking and analyzing the data.  The questions at the end of each problem give the student the opportunity to use their printed documents for analysis and decision making.  Each problem has a set of check figures to assist the students in quickly verifying their work or correcting errors.

The first Managerial Work4Me problem introduces a basic manufacturing cost system, and provides the student the opportunity to become familiar with the data entry and printing procedures of the program.  The student has the opportunity to analyze the results of business operations and the effects of business transactions on the financial position and operation efficiencies of the business entity.  The computerized exercises provide a hands-on review of job-order costing, activity-based costing, process costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, variance analysis, contribution format income statements, flexible budgeting, statements of cash flows, cost-volume-profit analysis, absorption and variable costing, capital budgeting and other topics related to managerial accounting.

Each problem is completed in minutes with the computer, giving the student opportunity to analyze their work and verify its accuracy.  The students may then grade their questions and electronically submit the results and important documents to their Instructor/Professor.

An additional feature of Managerial Work4Me is Topic Review, which is available on the far right of the Work4Me main menu.   Topic Review provides users an opportunity to review in True-False, Multiple-Choice, or Analysis and Record format, a series of financial and managerial accounting topics.