Pasted Graphic 2 Financial Topic Review

Welcome to an exciting and innovative method of reviewing and testing your understanding of accounting principles, concepts, and procedures!

This web site is a series of topical reviews, starting with the basic concept of debits and credits and continuing with topics presented in most accounting textbooks. There are three types of modes of review: True-False, Multiplce-Choice, and Analysis and Recording. In the True-False and Mulitple-Choice modes, after you have selected a response, the rational for the correct answer is presented. In addition, a running tally of the number of correct, incorrect, and skipped statements is shown at the bottom of each form. For the Analysis and Recording mode, you will be presented with a series of business transactions to record in a general journal. As with the other modes, a running tally of your score is maintained.

At the end of each series of statements or transactions, you will have the option of printing your score and all of the statements or transactions that were incorrectly answered. You can also repeat the series of statements or transactions.

When you access the Analysis and Record web page, be sure to print the Chart of Accounts as a guide to making the correct journal entry.