Pasted Graphic 6 Accounting Coach

PKL's Accounting Coach was developed for the first- and second-year financial accounting students. Accounting Coach is a series of algorithmic exercises designed to test analysis skills and reinforce accounting concepts/procedures. In all of the Accounting Coach exercises, the computer is used as a tool to do the routine clerical functions. This allows the student to focus on thinking and analyzing the data.

The first Accounting Coach algorithmic exercise introduces the basics of the accounting equation, and provides the student an opportunity to become familiar with the data entry and printing procedures of the program. The last exercise involves balance sheet analysis. In between the first and last algorithmic exercises are exercises dealing with basic accounting principles, debit and credits, accruals and deferrals, adjusting entries, closing entries, financial statement preparation, effects of under- or overstating inventory, basic statement of cash flows, the classified balance sheet, inventory valuation, bank reconciliations, bad debts expense, acquisition of long-term assets, disposal of long-term assets, depreciation, interest, bonds, long-term notes, common and preferred stock, treasury stock, cash and stock dividends, stock splits, cash flow analysis - direct method, cash flow analysis - indirect method, and income statement analysis.

Each exercise has a follow up algorithmic examination which the students may grade and electronically submit the results to their Instructor/Professor/Teacher.

An additional feature of Accounting Coach is Topic Review, which is available on the far right of the Accounting Coach main menu. Topic Review provides users an opportunity to review in True-False, Multiple-Choice, or Analysis and Record format, a series of financial and managerial accounting topics.